l made a page in English for you who don’t read Norwegian.
My name is Linda, and l live with my fiancee and our cats and dog, an alaskan malamute.
We live in a little city named Kragerø, not to far from oslo.
All our cats get a lot of love, l spoil them like they were my own children:)


So l will explain the basics, and the most important you must know,if you will buy a kitten from us.
First of all, we sell kittens when they are 12 weeks old.
They will be examined by a veterinary, and each  kitten will have its own health certificate.
All will be vaccinated, microchipped .
Pedigree will follow every cat.
A purchase contract from my club ORKK.
Plus you will get a starter kitty pack from Royal Canin.
They will be socialized with humans and other animals, they will also be introduced to water, many cats must take a bath if they are going on a display, so if you have plans on doing that, you better wash your Kitty sometimes just to make it comfortable with the water.
They will come with me on a car ride or two, just to let them know what it is.
The price depends on ears and colour, also if you are going to use it only as a pet, or in breeding. Let me know what your plans are and l will find a price:)
l demand that if you only are using the cat as a pet, that you  neuter the cat. It is a one time fee, and not to expensive, it is not healthy for a cat to walk around freely and get babys all the time, and male cats relaxes more, and dont wander of to far from the house, they dont spray, wich can be pretty exhausting for you as a owner. Therefore l will  take a deposit at 1000 nok, wich the buyer will  get back when the cat is neutered . It is so important that all cats that is not used in breeding get neutered, it is to many  stray cats in this world that gets killed every day, and struggles for their lifes. So l hope this is not a problem for you.
If you will use it as a breeding cat, it should stay inside, or if you have a kennel/fence area, it could play outside in fresh air sometimes.
My cats are mostly inside, but we plan on making a big kennel/ fence area so they can come out and enjoy the outdoor life.
lm member of ORKK,  ORKK is associated to WCF, world cat federation.
One thing you should know about the scottish fold and straights, you cant exhibit the cats on a cat show like NRR ore FIFe. ONLY independed related clubs, like ORKK. Thats because folds arent allowed by the FIFe rules.
Aboute the scottish folds, they are the best family cats you can ever get. They love people, children, also other animals.
They follow you around the house just like a little puppy:) And their voice makes a tiny sound when they first have something to say.
They are calm and loving pets, but they also like to play, even when they are grown up.
They come in all colours and variations, they got big round eyes, and thick compact coat. Their body are medium to large sized, with three different ear shapes, singel, double ore tripple fold. The folded ears makes the head look really round, and with the big eyes it gets a sweet looking expression, it almost looks like a teddy bear or an owl.
This is my first purebred, and l have always wanted to own one or more of this wonderful cats. And finally the dream came true.
l hope I can give you the same thing, and that the cats get loving homes and families. That is the most important thing for a “mum”:)
If there are anything you wonder about, let me know. l check my e mail everyday .